Warzone Players Ask For Verdansk Return With Caldera Innovations

The arrival of Caldera in Warzone continues to be met with a mixed reception from players dropping onto the Pacific island. Despite providing a drastic change from Verdansk, the community has gravitated towards Rebirth Island as their preferred map.

With Season 3 on the horizon, calls for the Modern Warfare battlefield to make a return continue to appear on a regular basis with several players experiencing a wealth of bugs and glitches on Caldera.

While the demand for Verdansk to return is there, some players want some innovations from Caldera transported into the map should it ever return to the battle royale.

Warzone Verdansk Return
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Warzone Verdansk Return

Amid rumours of a potential map rotation between Verdansk and Caldera, Reddit user 'Semper_Crayons' asked whether players would want Verdansk without Rebirth Island rather than the current crop of maps and playlists.

Several players said they'd trade in Caldera and the reworked Rebirth Island for Verdansk "in a heartbeat." The pace, the feel, the map design, everything about it was amazing," comments another user.

Others suggested Verdansk should return with various innovations that first appeared on Caldera including redeploy balloons and the recent health increase that adjusted the time to kill.

Will Verdansk Return to Warzone?

It's currently unclear if Verdansk will ever return to Warzone despite Raven Software teasing its possibility. It's clear that the demand for the map is there and with the launch of Warzone 2 expected in early 2023, adding the map for one last run would prove a popular decision amongst players.

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