Raven Software Teases Arrival of Warzone Map Rotation

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Ever since Warzone arrived on the Pacific island of Caldera, players have often wondered when Verdansk will make its return to the battle royale. With Season 2 Reloaded in full swing, it appears that Raven Software is working on a feature to satisfy demand.

Map rotation is a topic often discussed by the community. The feature would allow players a mix between Caldera and Verdansk without removing one map in favour of the other.

Shortly after the mid-season update went live, Raven Software confirmed that a map rotation feature for Warzone is in the works, much to the delight of players.

Warzone Pacific Map Rotation
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Warzone Pacific Map Rotation

During a Q&A stream alongside Warzone streamer and former Call of Duty world champ TeeP, creative lead Josh Bridge highlighted the issues involved in bringing map rotation to the game.

Bridge claims the reason Verdansk hasn't returned in any capacity is due to a "technical problem," adding that "the install and reinstall sizes are insane." With Warzone experiencing a player decrease following large updates, it's no surprise to see why Raven Software hasn't added the feature just yet. Thankfully, the developer is looking at ways to fix the issue. "How do we sort that on a technical level so we can have that rotation? We've been really looking at it," adds Bridge.

When Will Warzone Get Map Rotation?

The fact Raven Software is actively looking at bringing map rotation into Warzone is a huge positive for fans of Verdansk. At the time of writing, we don't know when the feature will arrive in the battle royale. We will have to wait and see if those technical issues will iron out.


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