Lie Detector Exposed During Warzone Cheating Investigation

Cheating in Warzone is nothing new but in recent months, the competitive scene has tried to prove whether a player competing in high-stakes tournaments is using hacks to gain an unfair advantage.

The player known as Shifty often competes in tournaments with thousands on the line and after accusations of cheating emerged, the player received an opportunity to prove their innocence once and for all.

As an independent group continued to check Shifty's gameplay, viewers were quick to realise the person operating the lie detector test wasn't as legitimate as their qualifications claim.

Warzone Shifty Lie Detector
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Shifty Warzone Lie Detector

In a broadcast on April 5, Full Squad Gaming and NRG Esports showcased Shifty's skills on a fresh PC. After a few hours and the appearance of other pro Warzone players, there was no conclusive evidence determining whether the player was cheating.

Towards the end of the stream, viewers in the chat quickly branded John Grogan, the lie detector operative, as a "fraud" causing the stream to undergo a lengthy intermission before disappearing altogether. To address the situation, Full Squad Gaming co-owner Jake Lucky shared the reasoning behind the lack of lie detector results.

Is Shifty Cheating?

Despite the best efforts of many, it's still unclear as to whether Shifty is using some kind of cheats during Warzone matches. With the community still wanting some form of definitive proof, the Shifty saga doesn't show any signs of slowing down.

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