Warzone Perk Change Give Players "Legal Wall Hacks"

The Warzone metagame is always changing thanks to regular updates from Raven Software. Towards the end of March, the developer made changes to a number of popular Perks, sparking a change within the loadouts of players.

With attention turning towards the launch of Season 3, players are always on the lookout for the very best weapons to use on Caldera and Rebirth Island. In addition to the best guns, choosing the best Perks is hugely important.

One particular Perk and piece of Equipment is causing a stir, giving players the ability to see through walls during a match.

Warzone Pacific Legal Wallhacks
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After testing a range of new Perk combinations, Warzone content creator IceManIsaac found a combination that allows players to see through walls at any given moment. Thanks to Restock's resupply time falling from 50 to 25 seconds, players can scout any potential threats with ease.

With two Snapshot Grenades at your disposal throughout a match, Isaac claims that the "new meta" will sweep through Caldera and Rebirth Island as players capitalise on the ability to spot any opponents through cover. As expected, some members of the community believe the tactic is far too strong, and are already mentioning Raven Software to address it.

Will Snapshot Grenades Get Nerfed?

Considering the overpowered nature of this particular combination of Perk and Equipment, there's a possibility of Raven Software adjusting Restock and the Snapshot Grenade so players don't have the ability to see through walls throughout an entire Warzone match.

Until Raven Software makes changes, use this lethal combination to gain the upper hand over the opposition!

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