Leaker Claims Activision May Integrate NFTs Into Call of Duty

The arrival of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) has taken the world by storm. While some have embraced the idea of digital collectables, many are against the controversial trend for a number of reasons ranging from environmental impact to many schemes being fake.

NFTs in gaming are proving to be a hot topic of conversation. Some projects such as Midnight Society's Project Moon using them to give players exclusive cosmetic items.

With NFTs not going anywhere anytime soon, a leaker claims that they could arrive within the Call of Duty franchise, much to the surprise of its players.

Call of Duty NFT
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Call of Duty NFT

According to notable leaker 'RalphsValve,' Call of Duty publisher Activision is looking at the inclusion of NFTs in future titles. They claim their inclusion has "been under review" for a few months. In addition, the leaker says Modern Warfare developer Infinity Ward is looking at plans to give players "global Calling Cards & Emblems," suggesting they can be used across all future Call of Duty titles.

As expected, players were quick to share their disapproval of the rumoured inclusion of NFTs. "Can they just leave NFTs out of video games?" one commenter questioned. NFT backlash in gaming isn't anything new. In February, EA CEO Andrew Wilson changed his stance on the collectables by confirming the publisher isn't actively pursuing them for now.

Will Call of Duty Have NFTs?

As with all leaks, take them with a pinch of salt but with RalphsValve previously leaking information that came to fruition, there's a chance NFTs could appear in future Call of Duty titles. As we've seen with the backlash directed at EA, there's also a high chance of the concept falling through so we will have to wait and see what Activision and Infinity Ward have in store.

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