EA Isn't Actively Pursuing NFTs, For Now

NFTs remain highly controversial and thankfully, EA's having second thoughts about them. During their latest quarterly financial call, CEO Andrew Wilson seemingly backed down from his previous stance on NFTs, though he didn't entirely dismiss selling them in the future.

During this call, Wilson claimed that he still thinks “collectability” will remain a huge part of gaming, but NFTs and the blockchain might not be the way forward. EA aren't outright bac but it seems that the company is aware of the backlash that normally comes with these announcements.

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EA Isn't Actively Pursuing NFTs, For Now

Here is Wilson’s full quote:

"I believe that collectability will continue to be an important part of our industry in the games and experiences that we offer our players. Whether that's as part of NFTs and the blockchain, that remains to be seen. And I think, the way we think about it is, we want to deliver the best possible player experience we can, and so we'll evaluate that over time. But right now it's not something that we're driving hard on."

NFTs remain a hot topic and there's been intense pushback surrounding them recently. Troy Baker recently announced that he'd no longer make NFTs with VoiceVerse, while publisher Team 17 backed down from NFT plans after receiving significant backlash from partner studios.

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