Raven Software Modifies Five Perks in March 28 Update

The Season 2 Reloaded update for Warzone included numerous changes and new additions to the battle royale. With Rebirth Island the focus for the remainder of the season, players are getting to grips with all the buffs and nerfs to discover the very best loadout to use on the island.

Despite some players claiming the update ruined Rebirth Island, many are enjoying the reworked map following a reduction to the spawn rate of the Juggernaut.

In addition to changing the Juggernaut, the developer has applied changes to a range of Perks in a bid to spice up the meta.

Warzone Perk Changes Season 2 Reloaded
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Warzone Season 2 Reloaded Perk Changes

On March 28, Raven Software shared the changes on Twitter. Perhaps the most notable change is to Ghost. Players will be invisible to any airborne UAVs while moving but once they stop, the red dot showing their location will appear on the minimap.

In addition to Ghost receiving a nerf, Scavenger, Restock, EOD, and Quick Fix also underwent significant change. With many often relying on the likes of Ghost, EOD, and Overkill in their loadouts, there's every chance the Perk meta is going to change in the final weeks of Season 2.

How Will The Changes Impact Warzone?

It's highly the changes will spark a shift in the Warzone Perk meta, a part of the game that's needed a significant overhaul in order to encourage some kind of variety. With changes to underused Perks such as Quick Fix, players may not rely on the likes of Ghost and EOD for much longer.

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