Accused Warzone Cheater Offered Chance To Prove Innocence

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In recent weeks, the competitive Warzone community has joined together in a bid to prove whether a competitive player is using cheats in high-stakes tournaments.

While others have focused on the Season 2 Reloaded update and the arrival of a significant health increase, all eyes are on a player known as 'Shifty.' In a number of tournaments, clips of the player displaying unusual aiming have led to accusations of cheating.

In order to prove his innocence, esports organisation NRG has given Shifty a chance to play on its PCs alongside taking a lie detector test.

Warzone Shifty Cheating
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Shifty Warzone Cheating

Despite plenty of accusations, no definitive proof of Shifty using cheats has surfaced which suggests there's a chance he could be innocent of any wrongdoing. After the streamer asked an organisation for a chance to prove himself, NRG responded by offering him a trip to the NRG Castle facility.

"We will pay for your flights and set you up at the castle so you have the chance to prove yourself. Will get a pro to come down too."

In addition to a neutral setup, content creator Jake Lucky went a step further, offering a lie detector test to the player to completely clear his name.

Is Shifty Hacking?

With varying opinions within the Warzone community, it's still unclear as to whether Shifty is a cheater. If he can pass a lie detector and demonstrate his skills on a completely different PC, then the accusations need to stop.

If he is found guilty, then improvements to Ricochet anti-cheat need to arrive in order to prevent cheaters sneaking into tournaments where thousands of dollars are up for grabs.

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