Warzone Players Share Fond Memories of Verdansk

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A promo image of Warzone's Verdansk.

Ever found yourself reminiscing about the days of chaotic one on one battles in the desert sands of Rust or ducking in and out of planes in the midst of a Terminal firefight?

Well, it seems the nostalgic daydreams of modern Call of Duty players don’t even require casting the mind back that far, as users on the Call of Duty Reddit have decided to share their rose-tinted recollections of Warzone’s original battleground, Verdansk.

Posted by user LowKickMT, the thread acts as a fascinating glimpse into the mindset of the modern COD player, with fond memories of locations being interspersed with bemusing remembrances of notorious drops and camping spots.

Warzone Players Share Fond Memories of Verdansk

To begin with, several players agreed with LowKickMT that they also miss Verdansk, although some admitted to missing it more because of issues they’re experiencing now, such as sun flair and bushes making it harder to see enemies.

However, even in its old age, it seems Verdansk itself isn’t devoid of controversies, as a number of players disagreed when debating whether the stadium area of the map was frustrating back in the day.

Users like LaconicGirth referred to the stadium as “one of the most hated parts of the map” and Revolutionary-Bed761 added that they thought there was “literally no loot there.”

LowKickMT defended the stadium, saying it was one of their favourite drops, a sentiment that andy_soreal agreed with, saying: “it was a great place to drop for my friends and I for a while.”

The debate over the most scandalous area of the map also saw the airport tower, downtown and farmland areas receive votes, although most of these were also associated with some positive memories too.

For instance, with so many dangerous areas, several players reminisced over having to reach bunkers and remember the access codes for them, with Zwavelwafel saying: “the bunker in the park near downtown was one of our squad’s favourite drops, we dropped there nearly every game” and Joecalone adding: “60274513, I'm going to be reciting that number on my deathbed.”

User Serpico2 went so far as to advocate for adding a newer version of Verdansk with updated visuals into the game as a Christmas present to players in 2023.

However, if you can’t wait that long to get a taste of the good old days, you might want to follow the advice of adi_2787, who said: “Everytime I feel nostalgic about the Dansk, I jump into ground war from Modern Warfare, which uses Verdansk maps. Downtown, farmland, train station, junkyard, dam, military. It's not Warzone in Verdansk, but it's the closest I can get to it.”

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