Swagg's Best Warzone Clutches

Among all the Warzone players who overexaggerates in their videos, Kris 'Swagg' Lamberson is the most extreme. Even so, this doesn't mean he exaggerates his skills since he's impressively talented at playing the game. This FaZe Clan member does not hold back whenever he plays Warzone and wants everyone to know how good he is.

I put together some of Swagg's best Warzone clips to show what a fantastic player he is. I'm talking about killing while backed into a corner and definitely beast clips. If you're not already a fan of Swagg, prepare to become one.

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Swagg's best Warzone clips

The first one is undeniably impressive. Swagg is in a horrible situation: surrounded, needing to reload, and enemies won't stop coming. Still, he shows off just how twitchy his fingers can be.

This next one is similar. Someone was watching over Swagg as so many enemies seemed to miss him altogether. Swagg didn't even have a good loadout at the time, and he was secondary for the last part.

Not even the clipper can believe this one. Due to Swagg's ability to defeat an entire team on his own, he claims they were actors. Fortunately, they weren't together, so he got the jump on them all.

As a bonus, here's Swagg killing TimTheTatman for no other reason than it's funny. They're teammates, and he legit just makes Tim rage over the team kill. Always classic.

We have more clips, including one for ZLaner's best Warzone kills. Hopefully, we showed just how great Swagg can be.

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