ZLaner's Best Recent Warzone Clutches

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ZLaner has made some pretty incredible moves in the past, but he's arguably one of the best players in Call of Duty: Warzone. Although some claim he is cheating or hacking, even most professionals are on ZLaner's side, so we are remaining neutral. For now, let's assume that ZLaner is as authentic as he claims to be, and we'll look at some of the craziest and most outlandish clutches he's pulled.

Videos like these seem too good to be true, but Warzone pros go to great lengths to impress viewers. Here are some clips that show just how good ZLaner is at Warzone. If you think something fishy is going on, ZLaner has put together an un-edited video to show otherwise.


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ZLaner Best Clips

First, before we move on to the excellent circle closing clips, let's take a look at the one ZLaner posted today. ZLaner was about cornered with a team of 3 players on one side and three on another. ZLaner took out all but one, who managed to trade shots with ZLaner, almost killing him.


Here's another that starts slow but goes to an insane level where ZLaner stops a car with a grenade. The car was literally a moment away from running ZLaner over, and it was a great circle closing kill.

The next video really shows off ZLaner's sniping ability. He takes out some players on a rooftop because they decided not to follow the circle and their only way down was a long fall. If anything, that's their fault.

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Lastly, he ruins the day of some kids just trying to enjoy the view on Warzone. I can imagine these are just young kids playing their own little game and were targeted by the bully. ZLaner has no mercy and ended their fun immediately.

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We are not taking sides in the "is ZLaner a hacker" debate. Let's stick with what's generally accepted by those who play the game professionally. As long as ZLaner does not lose the confidence of players who can spot skill and fakers, we will stay believing he's like everyone else.