Top Warzone Players Hope Latest Update Is An April Fool

Season 2 Reloaded for Warzone is well underway and after update 1.34 rolled out across all platforms, the most talented players of Verdansk have expressed their frustrations surrounding a lack of change.

Despite a hotly-anticipated nerf to the AUG tactical rifle, the update featured numerous bug fixes and updates to Warzone's quality of life. Other than that, changes to the battle royale were minimal.

Despite the best efforts of Raven Software, content creators such as HusKerrs and JGOD are hoping that the update is some kind of April Fools joke after just one weapon received some form of nerf.

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An April Fool?

As one of the highest-earning Warzone players, Jordan 'HusKerrs' Thomas was quick to question the lack of change within the update.

The same opinion was shared by JGOD. Known for his incredibly detailed breakdowns of weapon attachments and their overall performance, the content creator was incredibly surprised by the lack of information that was included within the official patch notes.

After expressing his annoyance around the lack of weapon balancing, the content creator was quick to delve deeper into Warzone to see if any other changes had gone live without being mentioned by Raven Software.

In his March 31st upload, it turns out that there has been a secret nerf to the FFAR 1 assault rifle that wasn't mentioned anywhere by the developers.

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Are Further Changes Inbound?

With several players seemingly unhappy with the latest wave of changes to Warzone, there's every chance more could be on the way.

Despite the increase in recoil to the AUG, it is still the strongest weapon to be using by some margin, meaning Raven Software could be implementing a second, and more severe, nerf in the coming weeks in order to restore some kind of balance to the metagame.

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