Notorious Stim Glitch Returns To Warzone...Again

Season 2 Reloaded for Warzone is in full swing and after update 1.34 went live across all platforms, the notorious infinite stim glitch has appeared once again.

The update hasn't gone down well with the passionate community, with only a slight nerf to the AUG tactical rifle and some attachments being the only real changes made to the battle royale.

Just after Raven Software looked to have conquered the glitch once and for all, players have managed to find yet another way to perform the exploit which gives them the ability to stay alive in the toxic cloud of gas.

Here's everything we know about the return of the stim glitch.

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Stim Glitch Is Back

Warzone Season 2 Reloaded Infinite Stim Glitch Return
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Warzone streamer Stodeh encountered a player abusing the exploit to outlast the opposition by hiding in the gas until the latter stages of a match.

Having made it down to the final two teams, the streamer watched the gas completely close in with no sign of the remaining player that was utilising the glitch to their advantage.

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When Will It Be Fixed?

It's currently unclear as to whether Raven Software is aware of the return of the stim glitch but considering the widespread backlash from numerous players, there's a high chance that a fix is being worked on.

The developer is usually quick to implement fixes to game-altering bugs such as the stim glitch, which always seems to appear after an update for the battle royale has gone live.

Having appeared several times, surely now is the right time to remove Stim altogether to prevent the glitch from happening again?

Should Stim be removed from Warzone altogether? Let us know your opinions on Twitter.

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