How To Get The Bombardment In Warzone

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The second half of Season 2 is underway in Warzone and update 1.34 has bought a wealth of changes to the popular battle royale, including a nerf to the AUG tactical rifle.

Alongside a dose of weapon balancing and numerous bug fixes, the Zombies are continuing on their path to conquer Verdansk but before they do, a brand-new killstreak has been discovered.

The Bombardment killstreak covers areas of the map that have been affected by the undead outbreak with a relentless barrage of explosions that will eliminate any target within the vicinity of the explosions.

Here's how to get your hands on this game-changing piece of utility!

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Bombardment Killstreak

Bombardment Killstreak Warzone How To Get
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First discovered by content creator @MrTheRevertz, the killstreak can be acquired by accessing one of the several Containment Monitor Stations located around the map.

Rather than spending cash to earn the killstreak, players will have to obtain a key in order to trigger the bombardment.

The explosions currently detonate in and around Downtown as the Zombies are currently situated at the bank.

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How To Get Bombardment In Warzone

To acquire the card needed to earn the Bombardment, drop into a game and head to where the Zombies are located.

Once the 40th Zombie has been eliminated, grab the Yellow Access Card and open the large box of loot that will be nearby. One of the items that will drop from the box is the Protocol Access Key. Take it to one of the Containment Monitor Stations which has 5% progress on its screen.

Enter the buy menu and exchange the card to trigger the start of the bombardment!

Is It Good?

The bombardment is a solid addition to Warzone and plays in with the outbreak currently taking hold of Verdansk.

Depending on how many players are in the area, the bombardment is capable of scoring a few kills but it often forces players indoors which reduces its effectiveness.

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