The 3 Best SMGs To Use In Warzone Season 4

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The Warzone metagame is an ever-evolving beast thanks to regular doses of weapon tuning issued by Raven Software. Assault rifles are the popular choice when it comes to long-distance duels on the streets of Verdansk and Rebirth Island but when it comes to getting up close and personal with the opposition, there are a number of weapons that can be used to your advantage.

One weapon category in particular that regularly features in the loadouts of millions are the submachine guns armed with incredibly fast rates of fire, low recoil, and levels of mobility that very few weapons in the arsenal can compete with. With a number of SMGs that possess extremely similar properties, it can be difficult to determine which are the best to use as part of a loadout. In this guide, find the very best Warzone SMGs to use in Season 4!

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3) Bullfrog

Warzone Bullfrog Loadout Season 4
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Ever since Black Ops Cold War was integrated into Warzone, the Bullfrog has become a staple of the Warzone arsenal thanks to its fast fire rate and huge magazine that comes without having to use an attachment slot. With an extra slot available, there are several ways to customise the Bullfrog in order to suit any style of play.

The high output of damage also sets it apart from other SMGs available in the arsenal. The SMG excels in close-quarters combat but thanks to the high damage, it can hold its own in mid-range encounters and even defeat players armed with an assault rifle in certain scenarios.

2) MAC-10

MAC 10 Warzone Season 4
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In many close-range battles, the MAC-10 is arguably the very best weapon in the Warzone arsenal thanks to its unmatched rate of fire being able to shred through the armour of an opponent in the blink of an eye. It's not just the high fire rate that makes it a popular weapon of choice. The low recoil makes the MAC-10 extremely easy to control in those frantic situations where accuracy goes out the window.

For several seasons, the MAC-10 has been an integral part of the Warzone metagame, and its immense popularity shows no signs of slowing down unless Raven dispatch a hefty nerf.

1) MP5 - Black Ops Cold War

MP5 Cold War Warzone Season 4
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At the very top of the best Warzone SMGs to use in Season 4 is the MP5 from Black Ops Cold War. Despite flying under the radar in the first few seasons of the Cold War era, the MP5 has come into its own in recent weeks thanks to Raven's weapon balancing. The high mobility is perfect for outmanoeuvring the opposition in the heat of battle.

The low recoil levels are also a key feature of this particular SMG. With the weapon being easy to control in every scenario imaginable, it is the perfect weapon to complement a fully-equipped assault rifle or a sniper rifle which aren't exactly the best weapons to use in close ranges.

That's our list! What do you think are the best SMGs to use in Season 4 of Warzone? Let us know on Twitter!

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