Best MP5 Cold War Loadout & Attachments for Warzone Pacific

The Cold War MP5 was one of the best submachine guns in Season 3 of Warzone and with Season 1 Reloaded of Warzone Pacific officially underway, it's still a popular weapon of choice in order to dominate close-range engagements.

Not to be confused with the Modern Warfare MP5, it offers incredible stopping power at short and mid ranges alongside unmatched levels of mobility. With two seemingly identical guns, it's tough to understand what attachments to use and which ones to equip in order to improve performance.

Here's the best MP5 Cold War Warzone Class.

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Best MP5 Cold War Warzone Class

The MP5 is almost always a mainstay in the Call of Duty franchise, appearing in the vast majority of releases. On Black Ops Cold War, it quickly became a fan-favourite thanks to its exceptional performance at long-distance making the SMG the very best weapon to use.

Since then, it has received a nerf which has bought it in line with other weapons in its respective category, but it is still an incredibly strong weapon to use.

With a variety of attachment combinations to choose from, what are the best ones to use on Black Ops Cold War’s version of the classic SMG?

MP5 Cold War Warzone Best Attachments

  • Muzzle: Agency Suppressor
  • Laser: Tiger Team Spotlight
  • Stock: Raider Stock
  • Magazine: STANAG 50 Rnd Drum
  • Underbarrel: Bruiser Grip

This particular attachment combination improves the MP5’s sprint to fire time along with an increase to flinch resistance, helping you maintain your aim even in the heat of battle.

The rifled barrel increases damage range, increasing the versatility of the SMG at the cost of a slight reduction in sprinting move speed but the decrease isn’t noticeable in-game.

MP5 Cold War Warzone Loadout



  • .45 Compact (Barrel)
  • Sleight of Hand (Perk)
  • Stippled Grip Tape (Rear Grip)
  • 15 Round Mags (Ammunition)
  • Match Grade Trigger (Trigger Action)

With the idea of conquering close-quarters combat in mind, the X16 makes a perfect crutch to fall back on if you ever run out of ammo with the MP5 or don’t have time to reload.

Armed with a fast rate of fire, the X16 can quickly break through armour and down opponents and with a bit of trigger discipline, it can deal plenty of damage at longer ranges.


  • C4 (Lethal)
  • Heartbeat Sensor (Tactical)

It is hard to go wrong by selecting C4 as your piece of lethal equipment. Use it to destroy vehicles or aim it into a window to wipe out an entire squad that thinks they’re safe from your trusty MP5.

It's more than likely that you will be clearing out several buildings with this MP5 loadout so give yourself the best possible chance of scouting out any opponents and select the Heartbeat Sensor as your tactical.


  • EOD (Perk 1)
  • Ghost (Perk 2)
  • Combat Scout (Perk 3)

EOD gives you an increased resistance to explosives which is ideal when enemies try to deter you with some well-timed grenades.

Ghost keeps your location hidden when an enemy UAV is patrolling the skies while Combat Scout temporarily highlights the location of an opponent, enabling you to predict their next move with ease.

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