Call of Duty Warzone Tactical Rifle Tier List: Ranked From Best to Worst

Call of Duty Warzone Tactical Rifle Tier List

Call of Duty Warzone Tactical Rifle Tier List

The original Warzone has been depreciated in favour of Warzone 2. Tactical Rifles don't exist in the current iteration of Warzone so this guide does not work anymore.

Throughout the history of Warzone, the popularity of Tactical Rifles has peaked and troughed thanks to Raven Software's regular doses of weapon balancing. For several months, the likes of the M16 and the DMR 14 from Black Ops Cold War dominated the metagame thanks to their strong damage output and non-existent levels of recoil, deeming them to be the strongest weapons in the entire arsenal.

Nowadays, Tactical Rifles rarely make appearances in the ever-changing Warzone metagame but they're still viable options when it comes to building a strong loadout with Season 1 Reloaded on the horizon. Thanks to regular weapon balancing, there's every chance the category will experience a resurgence. In this guide, find our definitive Warzone Tactical Rifle tier list.

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Warzone Tactical Rifle Tier List

Rather than ranking the best weapons in Warzone, this list focuses on the Tactical Rifles and how they compare against each other. Without further ado, let's see which are the best and which aren't so good.


For the majority of Season 6 of the Cold War era, the M16 and the CARV.2 were the best Tactical Rifles to use and in Season 2, it's no different. Despite the burst-firing mechanism, both can land plenty of damage in a short space of time, making them lethal in those all-important mid-range gunfights.

Carv 2 Warzone Tactical Rifle Tier List
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Sitting just behind the top tier of Tactical Rifles is the AUG from Black Ops Cold War. Once a mainstay of the meta, nerfs have sent the AUG plummeting in popularity but if you're after an alternative to the other guns on offer, it can still pack a punch in the final days of Verdansk.


As the lowest tier of our list, we recommend staying away from these two guns unless you're after a serious challenge during a match. The Type 63 never set the Warzone world alight despite its high damage and accuracy statistics while the glory days of DMR domination are well and truly over after it was nerfed into oblivion several months ago.

DMR 14 Warzone Tactical Rifle Tier List
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There you have it! That's our definitive Tactical Rifle tier list for Warzone. Once Vanguard's weapons have been integrated into the game, we will update the list to see how the new additions compare. For more Warzone guides, check out everything you need to know about Operation Flashback as well as the ultimate AR tier list.

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