Warzone Players Annoyed With Superman Jump Glitch Affecting Matches

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With the release of Warzone Season 6 right around the corner, players are continuing to drop into Verdansk and Rebirth Island in a bid to climb aboard the victory helicopter. Despite the best efforts of Raven Software, players are continuing to encounter a variety of bugs and glitches that are having a huge impact on gameplay.

As players look forward to the arrival of new weapons and major changes to Verdansk in what will be the final season of Black Ops Cold War integration, the notorious Superman jump is still doing the rounds. While it can allow players to jump long distances, it can also cause some to fall uncontrollably, much to the annoyance of the community.


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Warzone Superman Jump Glitch

Warzone Operator Dropping Onto Building Rooftop

Rather than the parachute being deployed before falling to the ground, the glitch sometimes sees players plummeting to the ground with a strange animation that makes you resemble Clark Kent's alter-ego. Depending on its timing, the Superman jump can be useful but for one player, it cost them a win and now others are wanting Raven Software to fix this issue once for all.


Warzone content creator Expel found themselves in the latter stages of an Iron Trials match, needing just one kill to win the game before the notorious bug sent him from a rooftop to the ground in the blink of an eye.

As the video shows, Expel is in the perfect position to secure the win but as they move towards the edge and jumped for a better view, the bug bought him to the ground unexpectedly. They eventually went on to lose the 1v1 duel, costing them an Iron Trials victory.

When Will The Superman Jump Be Fixed?

It's currently unclear as to whether Raven Software is aware of the Superman jump still impacting matches. If more players encounter the problem and the issue becomes more widespread, it's likely that the developer will deploy a fix as quickly as possible.


While we wait for a fix, check out all of the new weapons that will be making their way to Warzone in Season 6!