Warzone Player Gets Stuck In Sky Thanks To Bizarre Glitch

Since arriving on Caldera, Warzone has had its fair share of game-breaking bugs and glitches impacting players dropping into matches.

Despite the Season 2 update applying numerous bug fixes in order to improve the state of the battle royale, new issues are beginning to appear. In comparison to glitches turning guns invisible, this particular issue is just as serious.

While the glitch doesn't cause any weaponry to disappear, it does prevent players from dropping back into the action after winning their Gulag, causing them to get stuck in the skies above Caldera.

Warzone Stuck In Sky Glitch
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Warzone Stuck In Sky Glitch

Players that are unable to land after winning their 1v1 duel is far from ideal. Reddit user 'aargella' highlighted the problem on February 20. The user joked they still "went to heaven" despite winning the Gulag and earning a second chance at victory.

With no way of dropping back to the ground, the player had to observe their teammates from above, much to their annoyance. After their teammates died, the player managed to escape the invisible barrier by quitting the match.

Why Is Warzone Full of Glitches?

Although the Season 2 update managed to address numerous issues impacting Warzone, Raven Software has yet to fix all of the bugs and glitches affecting players.

During a media briefing, the developer revealed the game was "bloated" which made it difficult to find the source of the glitches. Judging by this, more players could find themselves stuck in the sky until a surefire fix arrives in a future update.

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