Warzone Easter Egg Teases Arrival of Dinosaurs

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The Call of Duty franchise often features a range of elaborate Easter Eggs whether it's for Zombies or something more subtle within Warzone.

Throughout the short history of the battle royale, players have managed to uncover hidden rooms within the Verdansk Stadium in addition to the bunkers containing nuclear missiles.

With Season 2 in full swing, the community continues to explore the underground chemical labs that arrived as part of the Search and Deploy event. Alongside the new points of interest (POI), players have discovered miniature dinosaurs leading some to suggest the creatures are coming to Caldera.

Call of Duty Warzone Dinosaur Easter Egg
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Warzone Caldera Dinosaur Easter Egg

During a match, Reddit user 'aur0n' and their squad managed to uncover a small green dinosaur at Peak. There's every chance their presence is something for players to look for but several members of the community are suggesting their appearance will lead to something much bigger.

One commenter suggested Season 3 will include a "Jurrasic Park integration" and while it sounds like a long shot, the idea was met with a wave of positivity. Another player branded the theory as a "billion-dollar idea."

Warzone has had its fair share of beasts chasing down players over the course of a match. Throughout Season 1, Krampus caused havoc on Caldera before disappearing into the unknown.

Will Dinosaurs Come to Warzone?

While the idea of a T-Rex roaming around the map sounds amazing, the likelihood of dinosaurs coming to Warzone is relatively low. The small toys are likely to be a visual Easter Egg but there's every chance they could tease another arrival. We will have to see what Raven Software has in store!

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