Warzone Search and Deploy Event: Objectives, Rewards, and More

Season 2 of Warzone Pacific is officially underway, much to the excitement of the community. In addition to a wealth of bug fixes to the battle royale, a brand-new limited-time event for players to take part in has also started. Known as Search and Deploy, the event focuses on the discovery of a toxic gas known as Nebula V.

According to Raven Software, the event is taking place across "the coming weeks," suggesting the developer has plenty in store for players attempting to uncover clues that could lead to the theme of Season 3.

Unlike previous Warzone events, there aren't any objectives to complete or rewards to earn, but there are plenty of additions for players to utilise to their advantage. With that said, find everything you need to know about the Search and Deploy event in this handy guide!

Warzone Search and Deploy Event
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What Is The Warzone Search and Deploy Event?

Search and Deploy involves players discovering the secrets behind Nebula V. Over the course of Season 2, various limited-time modes will arrive to the battle royale, building off the Caldera Clash mode that features enemy AI guarding the entrances to chemical weapon labs underneath the island.

In addition to new game modes, new gameplay elements including a Portable Decontamination Station and Nebula V ammunition can provide significant advantages over the opposition.

Warzone Search and Deploy Event Objectives

A typical Warzone event features six objectives that involve completing a range of tasks. Search and Deploy doesn't have any objectives in the early stages of Season 2 but with Raven Software teasing further additions are on the way, there's every chance some kind of objectives will appear in the next few weeks.

Once we hear more about the objectives and their requirements, we will update the guide with all the latest intel.

Warzone Search and Deploy Event Rewards

More often than not, LTMs contain a range of rewards ranging from exclusive Calling Cards to weapon blueprints for some of Warzone's most popular weapons. As there are no objectives to complete, rewards for the Search and Deploy event are unavailable which is disappointing for those hoping to get their hands on some unique cosmetic items.

Warzone Chemical Lab Locations

Alongside the Caldera Clash mode, seven of the island's mysterious hatches have opened. They're protected by AI soldiers and lead to underground chemical research facilities. Her's where to find them:

  • Docks
  • Power Plant
  • Fields
  • Mines
  • Lagoon
  • Resort
  • Runway

The locations are highlighted on the map with yellow circles. If you want to explore what lies underneath Caldera, be aware that the chemical labs will contain plenty of opposition during the early stages of Season 2.

As the Search and Deploy event progresses, we will update the guide with all the latest news and information. Stay frosty, Operators.

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