Warzone Pacific: All Caldera Bunker and Hatch Locations

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Since arriving on the Pacific island of Caldera, Warzone players have attempted to uncover its secrets to no avail. Despite a lack of teasers surrounding the launch of Season 2, leaks have revealed that the island's bunkers and hatches could play a role in a new seasonal event known as Search and Deploy.

The hatches first appeared in a Season 1 teaser that showed Captain Butcher climbing inside before revealing "the world would never be ready for what I found." Since then, they've remained closed leaving many wondering when they'll open up.


The bunkers and hatches appear near numerous points of interest (POI) and once they open, it's likely they will become some of the most popular areas on the entire map. In this guide, find the locations of all Caldera bunkers and hatches.

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Warzone Caldera Bunker Locations

Falcon's Peak

Caldera features one bunker armed with the same design as the bunkers that appeared in Verdansk. The doorway is visible from the west of the volcano. Once we uncover the code to open the door, we will update the guide with all the latest information.

Warzone Caldera Hatch Locations

Warzone Caldera Hatch Locations

In amongst the foliage of Caldera are 12 circular hatches that are currently locked. It's believed that they will play a huge role in revealing the next part of the Warzone story involving Taskforce Trident and the Axis. Most of the hatches appear close to several POIs that are often populated with several players. Here are the known locations for Caldera's hatches:

Location Description
Docks Close to the truck south of the shipping docks. Close to a Buy Station.
ArsenalSouth of the rectangular buildings on a cliffiside overlooking Arsenal.
RuinsInside the ruins next to a small cliff. Covered with foliage and is difficult to spot!
MinesWest of the mines next to a bulldozer.
LagoonIn the Clear Water Lagoon section next to a hut north of the plane crash site.
Power PlantPerhaps the trickiest hatch to find. Inside a mineshaft hidden by the waterfall.
AirfieldNorthwest of the airfield on a hilltop.
FieldsBehind the blue and white silos.
PeakInside the hole next to scaffolding.
BeachheadOutside a group of military tents. Close to a nearby Buy Station.
Sub PenNorth of the main Sub Pens building. Inside a concrete trench.
ResortSouth of the yellow clocktower.

If you prefer a visual guide to find the hatches, Warzone extraordinaire GeekyPastimes has created a short video containing all 12 locations mentioned in the table above.


Warzone Caldera Hatch Loot

Once inside the hatch, there's a high chance of high-tier loot hiding within. The loot is likely to range from Legendary weapon blueprints, huge bundles of Cash, and game-changing Killstreaks such as Advanced UAVs and Precision Airstrikes.

There's also a chance of obtaining the coveted Specialist Bonus that grants players with every single Warzone Perk, giving players a potentially huge advantage over the course of a match.

Warzone Pacific Caldera Hatch Locations

When Will The Caldera Hatches Open?

If the current Warzone storyline and recent leaks are anything to go by, Caldera's hatches and bunker could open when Season 2 begins on February 14. This would coincide with the Search and Deploy event that's likely to begin when the new season commences.

Adding new areas to explore is a huge positive for Warzone, especially when players are expressing their frustrations with the absence of more POIs around the centre of the map. This combined with the imminent arrival of the Factory POI has the potential to transform Caldera into an excellent battle royale map.