Warzone Pacific Season 2 Event Details Leaked

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Season 1 Reloaded of Warzone is nearing its end, much to the delight of the community that's grown tired of game-breaking issues impacting the battle royale.

As players continue to farm unlimited ammunition alongside dealing with an invisible gulag, many have already turned their attention towards the start of Season 2.

While Raven Software teases changes to Caldera, a leak has uncovered details on an upcoming event that involves the distribution and production of a toxic gas known as Nebula-5.

Warzone Pacific Season 2 Armoured Convoy Event
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Warzone Pacific Season 2 Event

Details on the event uncovered by 'Real1tyUK' include a full description of the objectives players will need to compete. Players will have to destroy armoured convoys to stop the transportation of the gas and use Personal Decontamination Stations to stop any traces of the gas dealing any damage.

Alongside preventing the gas from getting into the wrong hands, the description also confirms a factory is weaponising Nebula-5, suggesting certain weapons may feature some kind of ammunition similar to Incendiary rounds.

According to the leak, the weapons are appearing within Caldera's underground bunkers which have been closed for the entirety of Season 1. Will they open in Season 2 to reveal their secrets?

Warzone Pacific Season 2 Event Start Date

While the leak reveals details on what the event will feature, there's no mention of a start date but if we look back at previous events, we can get a rough idea of when it will begin. Most Warzone events commence at the start of a season so expect a new event to arrive on February 14 alongside the Season 2 update.

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