Warzone Player Gets Stuck Inside Redeploy Balloon

The addition of Redeploy Balloons to Warzone was met with a wealth of positivity from players. Despite Raven Software copying the idea from Apex Legends, the ability to fly across Caldera opened the door for plenty of new ways to play.

As the Season 2.5 update nears, the battle royale continues to evolve following a Bren nerf and the appearance of armoured trucks. While the new content is always exciting, players are still encountering a number of glitches.

Rather than guns turning invisible, players are managing to get stuck within the Redeploy Balloons.

Warzone Redeploy Balloon Glitch
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Warzone Redeploy Balloon Glitch

While attempting to track down a Bounty contract, Warzone player 'lakshya' ascended to the top of a balloon before glitching inside it. To their surprise, they encountered the Bounty target within the balloon too.

The issue isn't an isolated incident, with several players reporting problems when attempting to use the balloons to their advantage. After managing to escape the confines of the balloon, some players were unable to use any armour plates. "There was the animation but no plates," commented one user.

When Will Redeploy Balloons Get Fixed?

According to the Raven Software Trello board, this particular bug isn't being investigated yet. As more players encounter the glitch, there's every chance the developer will apply a fix to stop players getting stuck above the ground. In the meantime, it's probably worth avoiding the Redeploy Balloons.

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