Warzone Armoured Truck: Where to Find and How to Destroy

Armoured Trucks have made their way to the Pacific Island of Caldera as part of Season 2 for Warzone. The second season of post-launch content saw the arrival of numerous bug fixes in addition to the KG M40 assault rifle and the Whitley light machine gun.

Unlike other armoured trucks that appeared when the battle royale used Verdansk as its battlefield, the current crop of armoured vehicles is controlled by AI. Players can destroy the trucks to obtain a range of rewards including huge piles of cash alongside the Nebula V bomb.

Without some serious firepower, the trucks can be tricky to destroy. With that said, find the most effective ways to deal with the vehicles alongside all of their possible locations in this handy guide!

Warzone Pacific Armoured Truck
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Warzone Amoured Truck Locations

Armoured Trucks appear at the start of every Vanguard Royale and Vanguard Plunder match. There's a chance they could appear anywhere across Caldera but having spent plenty of time dropping into the action, we found that the most likely locations are the Mines, Resort, and Beachhead.

The trucks appear on the map highlighted in red, making them extremely easy to spot. In addition to their not-so-subtle locations, they rotate around a fixed point at a slow speed, so there's no need to worry if you land further away.

Warzone Armoured Truck Locations
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Credit: Image via GeekyPastimes

How To Destroy Warzone Armoured Trucks

There's a range of weaponry that's effective against the armoured trucks on Caldera. Ranging from an M1 Bazooka to a Bomber plane, there's a variety of equipment capable of penetrating the armour. Warzone content creator GeekyPastimes has highlighted the best methods to deal with the trucks:

  • Use a Bazooka or Panzerschreck. Up to five rockets are needed to destroy a truck.
  • Use a Bomber Plane.
  • Use Armour Piercing rounds in a weapon. We recommend any LMG with a huge magazine to deal as much damage as possible.

Warzone Armoured Truck Rewards

Once you've managed to destroy an Armoured Truck successfully, there is a range of rewards that are available to earn. In addition to the tens of thousands in cash, game-changing Killstreaks can be earned alongside the ultra-rare Nebula V bomb that launches a gas explosion damaging all players in a specific area of the map.

As the trucks contain enough cash to see you through an entire Warzone match, the surrounding areas are likely to be filled with opposition so be quick to grab the rewards before an enemy eliminates you and grabs the loot.

Is Destroying Armoured Trucks Worth It?

In my opinion, going after an Armoured Truck at the start of a Warzone match is a surefire way of starting the game on the front foot. With enough cash to purchase a Loadout Drop when time allows, taking down a truck is one of the fastest methods to build up the funds required.

Competition might be fierce but the rewards available outweigh the risks of another squad bringing your game to a premature end.

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