Warzone Vehicles Return to Rebirth Island and Cause Invisible Wall Glitch

Vehicles often cause a number of game-breaking glitches in Warzone. Since the battle royale launched, trucks have turned invisible while others have used them to access the Golden Vaults on Rebirth Island without completing the steps to open the doors.

With the start of Season 3 fast approaching, Raven Software continues to adjust various elements of the game after it removed all vehicles from Rebirth Island to investigate a mystery issue.

On April 13, vehicles returned to the island and while one issue was fixed, invisible walls are preventing players from scoring easy kills.

Rebirth Island Invisible Wall Glitch

As players continue to drop onto Rebirth Island, hitmarkers wouldn't appear despite their perfectly placed crosshairs onto their intended target. Reddit user 'I_Was_Fox' highlighted the problem in a recent Payload match. Despite landing shots on the opponent, the bullets weren't registering with the target much to their annoyance.

The majority of the clip shows the player riding in the back of a vehicle, suggesting there's some kind of invisible barrier stopping the bullets. Warzone fans claim the glitch first appeared when Payload arrived on Verdansk while others claim the barrier appears when on foot.

Considering the severity of the problem, it's likely Raven Software is working on a fix for the invisible wall glitch impacting players. The developer has yet to comment on the issue but if invisible walls are stopping Warzone players from scoring kills, it won't be long before a solution appears.

There's a chance the return of vehicles to Rebirth Island has nothing to do with the barriers but knowing previous glitches, there's a high possibility of the SUVs and trucks adding more problems to the battle royale.

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