Warzone and Vanguard Season 3 Trailer Teases Godzilla Appearance

Crossovers and collaborations between Call of Duty, TV, and movie series have become common occurrences in recent years. The likes of Die Hard and Attack on Titan have all featured within the shooter franchise in some capacity.

As Warzone and Vanguard prepare to enter their third season of post-launch content, the first cinematic trailer is teasing another crossover with an iconic monster from the big screen.

The minute-long trailer highlights the arrival of Task Force Harpy into the current storyline and a few seconds before the end, fans believe strange sounds point towards the heavily-rumoured Godzilla crossover.

Call of Duty Godzilla Crossover

As the newly-introduced Task Force fight against the opposition, the trailer ends with a cryptic message saying "something far more powerful and fearsome than anything we could ever hope to comprehend" is coming. In addition, a Tweet from Call of Duty's page plays a mysterious noise that reads "monsters are real" when placed in a spectrogram.

Previous reports from a number of leakers claim the crossover has been in the works for a while, much to the excitement of players that claim the design of the Caldera map is "confusing." If Godzilla does appear in Season 3, there's every chance Raven Software is planning on some major map changes in a bid to improve the layout of the Pacific island.

Call of Duty Godzilla Event Start Date

With Season 3 for Vanguard and Warzone commencing on April 27, there's a high chance of Godzilla appearing on Caldera when the new season begins. Details on how the monster will integrate into Vanguard remain to be seen. Let's hope Godzilla isn't another case of Krampus.

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