Warzone Players Brand Caldera Map "Confusing"

The arrival of Caldera as the main Warzone map continues to spark debate within the community. The switch from Verdansk to the Pacific island marked a new era for the battle royale, but a number of bugs and glitches often ruin the experience.

Alongside players calling for Verdansk to make a return, players often criticise the design of Caldera due to the amount of empty space between various points of interest (POI). Rather than additional buildings, the map is full of palm trees and foliage.

As Season 3 approaches, players have branded Caldera's design as "confusing" in addition to questioning the quality of development.

Warzone Caldera Design
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Warzone Caldera Design

In a Reddit post berating the map, user 'Marokman' compiled a list of everything that's wrong with the Pacific island. Ranging from "low building density" to the aesthetic of the map, it appears that there's plenty wrong with Caldera.

Plenty of players agreed with the statement. Many suggested a range of widespread changes in order to improve Caldera but the majority simply ask Raven Software to add a map rotation between the island and Verdansk to introduce some kind of variety to the battle royale.

Will Caldera Be Replaced?

As Warzone Pacific moves towards the halfway stage of its cycle, the likelihood of Caldera being replaced with an entirely new map or Verdansk is low. Raven Software is planning on changes to various areas of the island in Season 3 so there's a chance the current layout and quality will improve in the coming weeks.

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