Warzone Golden Vaults Set to Unlock on April 11

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The second half of Season 2 for Warzone Pacific has focused on Rebirth Island and Raven Software's rework of the popular map. The island plays host to a faster pace of gameplay in addition to a significantly different layout compared to Caldera.

As part of the Rebirth Reinforced event, the community has joined forces to complete a number of challenges to earn a wealth of rewards including tens of thousands of XP. In addition, players will get the opportunity to explore a locked area of the map.

The Golden Vaults are currently locked but many believe they could open on April 11.

Warzone Golden Vault Unlock
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Warzone Golden Vault Unlock

According to Call of Duty Easter Egg extraordinaire GeekyPastimes, players will earn enough in-game cash from playing Blood Money matches to unlock the doors and see what rewards are stashed inside. Thanks to a detailed spreadsheet, the content creator has an estimate of when the doors will open.

If the earn rate of cash remains on course, the doors to the Golden Vaults will open between 3 and 6PM BST (10AM-1PM EST). Some players have already glitched their way into the vaults, finding a wealth of high-tier loot ranging from durable Gas Masks to Specialist Tokens.

What Is Inside The Rebirth Island Golden Vault?

Alongside the high-tier loot, there's a possibility of the vaults containing teasers that point towards what Season 3 has in store. With the next post-launch content season marking the halfway point of the Pacific era, it's likely Raven Software has some big plans in the works. For all things Season 3, check out our dedicated hub containing all the latest news and rumours!

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