Raven Software Disables Vehicles on Rebirth Island

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The reworked Rebirth Island map continues to prove popular within the Warzone community. With players branding Caldera as confusing, the smaller map provides a great alternative for those looking to get their fix of battle royale action.

As the start of Season 3 nears, the mysterious Golden Vaults on the island have opened much to the curiosity of players wondering if there are any clues that point towards the next season of post-launch content.

In addition to the vaults unlocking, Raven Software has disabled all vehicles on Rebirth Island without any reasoning leaving many players confused.

Rebirth Island Vehicles Disabled
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Warzone Rebirth Island Vehicles Disabled

The Warzone developer announced the change on April 11, shortly after players completed the Blood Money community challenge that's part of the Rebirth Reinforced event. Thankfully, the disappearance of vehicles is only temporary while Raven Software investigates the issue.

Despite a lack of reasoning, several players claim to know why vehicles have vanished. One user claims players are using vehicles to bypass the locked doors of the Golden Vaults, allowing them to access the loot without having to enter an access code.

When Will Vehicles Return To Rebirth Island?

With Raven Software not providing an exact return date for vehicles on Rebirth Island, but many are excited to see how the small map plays without their inclusion. Perhaps there's a chance of no vehicles on Rebirth Island becoming permanent? We will have to wait and see.

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