Warzone Leak Claims Rebirth Island May Be Replaced

As the countdown to the launch of Season 2 for Warzone continues, numerous leaks are beginning to appear adding further excitement surrounding the upcoming season of post-launch content.

Alongside the arrival of bombers and changes to the current layout of Caldera, new leaks have claimed that developers are planning to replace Rebirth Island with a brand-new map, much to the surprise of the community.

Home to the resurgence mode, Rebirth Island offers a significantly faster pace alongside a smaller player count, a welcome contrast to the Pacific island which has received a mixed reception since its launch.

Warzone Rebirth Island Replaced
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Warzone Rebirth Island Removed

The leak comes from notable Call of Duty leakers Tom Henderson and 'TheMW2Ghost', who shared details on the future of Rebirth Island during a live stream on January 27.

"I was told this map is coming," revealed TheMW2Ghost. "It's a new map and it's for the Warzone anniversary." The leakers didn't reveal details on the size of the new map or its location but have claimed that Raven Software have yet to decide whether the new map will either replace or rotate alongside Rebirth Island.

The possibility of a new map arriving in the not-too-distant future sounds exciting for players that have grown tired of Caldera, but as with all leaks, it's worth taking them with a pinch of salt until official teasers and information begin to appear.

Will Rebirth Island Disappear?

With Warzone's anniversary taking place in March, there's a chance Rebirth Island could make way for the new map before being reintroduced but considering its immense popularity, removing it entirely wouldn't be a popular decision amongst players.

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