Raven Software Teases Changes to Caldera Map

The switch from Verdansk to the Pacific island of Caldera has been met with a mixed reception from the Warzone community, with some enjoying the new map while others have branded it as boring.

With Season 2 on the horizon, players are hoping extra development time has addressed several game-breaking issues that have negatively impacted the battle royale throughout Season 1.

Despite a lack of information on what the next season will have in store, Raven Software has all-but-confirmed changes to Caldera will be arriving in the next major update.

Warzone Pacific Caldera Map Changes
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Warzone Pacific Caldera Map Changes

In recent weeks, players have spotted numerous issues with Caldera ranging from invisible buildings to Loadout Drops disappearing underground. The latest discovery involves specific structures failing to match what is shown on the minimap leading to plenty of confusion. Thankfully, Raven Software responded, teasing changes to various areas of the map.

Rather than the issue involving buildings adding to a long list of problems, it appears that small sections of Caldera are changing in a bid to change the pace of matches without adding any new points of interest (POI). With most POIs on the outer edges of the map, it will be interesting to see how the layout of the map changes.

Will New POIs Arrive in Warzone Season 2?

There's every chance a new POIs will arrive in Caldera throughout the Pacific era but it looks like Raven Software is focusing on minor changes for the time being. As the start of Season 2 nears, keep your eyes peeled for any teasers that could reveal the extent of the changes.

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