Underground Loadout Glitch Makes Return to Warzone

Glitches within Warzone are nothing out of the ordinary despite Raven Software continuing to implement fixes to various issues currently affecting the battle royale.

As the start of Season 2 nears, players are still uncovering a variety of problems ranging from invisible buildings to a lack of hit registration when firing their weapons.

The latest issue is one that has appeared in previous seasons and involves Loadout Drops disappearing underneath Caldera, much to the surprise of players that have spent their in-game cash to earn their respective loadouts.

Warzone Underground Loadout Drop Glitch
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Warzone Underground Loadout Drop Glitch

In a typical Warzone match, players purchase Loadout Drops for $10K and land on a specified location. Rather than landing on the flare, Reddit user 'Andurill' tracked the movement of the drop before realising it was deep underground and moving by itself.

According to other players, this isn't the first instance of Loadout Drops descending underneath the map. "Happens 100% of the time to me when free loadout comes and it's anywhere near the top of Peak," commented one user. A similar issue once affected the game during the Verdansk era but was quickly addressed by the developers to avoid the issue becoming widespread.

When Will The Warzone Underground Loadout Glitch Get Fixed?

Considering Activision has made the decision to delay the launch of Season 2 in order for Raven Software to work on fixes, Loadout Drops could remain on the ground as soon as February 14. Until a fix goes live, call in the package on flat ground to minimise the chances of the glitch happening.

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