Warzone Hit Registration "Really Bad" Claim Players

The topic of hit registration regularly features in conversations amongst the Warzone community. The term refers to the consistency of shots hitting their intended target and with a plethora of bugs and glitches impacting the battle royale, it's not surprising to see it discussed.

Due to guns turning invisible and players ending up inside walls, the start of Season 2 has been pushed back, allowing Raven Software to fix various issues with the game.

To nobody's surprise, players are claiming that hit registration is the worst it has ever been since the game transitioned to Caldera.

Warzone Pacific Hit Registration
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Warzone Hit Registration Issues

In a bid to determine whether other players were encountering similar issues, Reddit user 'TheTrueAlCapwn' published a post claiming that they get "no hitmarkers" when attempting to score a kill.

"I'll hit eight shots, but when you watch the damage go down on the other player his health will decrease say five times like the other three didn't exist." It appears that the player isn't alone. "It happens in the gulag especially for me," one user commented.

Why Does Warzone Have Bad Hit Registration?

There's no official reasoning behind Warzone's lack of consistent hit registration but one user claims that it could be down to Caldera with its higher "graphical load and server load" which could influence consistency. If several players are experiencing this particular issue, it's likely Raven Software will fix it in an upcoming update.

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