Warzone Player Discovers Invisible Building in Caldera

Since making its debut in Warzone, the Pacific Island of Caldera has come under fire from the community due to the wide variety of bugs and glitches causing a negative impact within the battle royale.

Alongside players' guns turning invisible, it appears that more elements of the game are also disappearing, much to the confusion of the community hoping Raven Software will apply fixes before the start of Season 2.

During a match, one player managed to reach one of the several Buy Stations before realising that the building had completely disappeared.

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Warzone Pacific Invisible Building

The bizarre disappearance of the building found by Reddit user 'Butterflychunks' left several members of the community confused and wondering whether there was a building there in the first place.

The minimap clearly displays a sizeable structure next to the Buy Station but for an unknown reason, only a few pipes and gas tanks are there in its place. "How embarrassing!" exclaimed one player.

This appears to be an isolated incident but with Raven Software adding numerous patches to the game every other day, there's no telling if other buildings have mysteriously disappeared into thin air.

Will Raven Software Fix Disappearing Buildings?

Considering that the building is one that could house plenty of loot, it will be interesting to see if Raven Software reintroduces the structure or updates the minimap so it doesn't show. Until then, pay attention to the minimap and keep a lookout for any buildings that might have moved around.

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