Warzone Leaker Uncovers New Planes and Redeploy Balloons

Although there are a number of issues still impacting Warzone, players have settled into the Pacific island of Caldera whether they like it or not ahead of Season 2.

With a few weeks until the next season of post-launch content launches, a recent wave of leaks have uncovered a wealth of information on new content that could arrive in the battle royale.

If they are accurate, new planes are on the way alongside redeploy balloons and a range of weaponry that utilises Nebula-5 gas to deal further damage to opponents.

Warzone Pacific New Planes Season 2
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Warzone Pacific New Planes

Uncovered by notable leaker 'Real1tyUK,' the new aircraft is expected to pack more of an explosive punch than the current crop of fighter planes that can be piloted over Caldera. Known as Bombers, the name implies players will have the ability to unleash a barrage of bombs on a specified area of the map.

To prevent planes from dominating the Warzone meta, 'Redeploy Balloons' are expected to put piloting skills to the test. The description reveals that flying into them will "severely damage your aircraft" but it's unclear as to how they will function considering the battle royale already has the Gulag.

When Will Bombers Arrive In Warzone?

As always, it's important to take leaks with a pinch of salt but if they are accurate, Bombers and Redeploy Balloons are likely to arrive on February 14 when Season 2 gets underway. With two types of aircraft and a new respawn system, it will be interesting to see how the pace of the game changes.

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