Warzone Players Demand Better Ground Loot In Season 6

Season 5 of Warzone is drawing to an end, and the community's attention is turning to Season 6, the battle royale's final season of post-launch content for the Black Ops Cold War era. With new weapons on the way along with huge changes to Verdansk, Season 6 looks to be one of the best yet!

Like any other battle royale, every player starts with nothing, looting items readily available on the ground and in nearby buildings. However, the state of the ground loot available isn’t sitting quite right with players, causing some to call it “horrible”. With a major update around the corner, the community has come together to suggest some crucial changes needed for Warzone's ground loot.

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Warzone Ground Loot Improvements

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Reddit user ‘LegionOfGrixis’ laid out some intriguing points over the significance of ground loot especially during the early stages of the game. “Good ground loot can mean the difference between having a fighting chance when getting into a battle with loadout or getting railed to oblivion,” said the user.

The player believes that the ground loot is one of the most important aspects of the game and it constantly gets overlooked. While going over its importance, the player also suggested some changes that can improve ground loot to enable players to make more of an impact:

- Max out the SMG mags or at least the second to the last mag
- Reduce the number of sniper spawn rates
- Stay away from thermal or high magnification sights on assault rifles
- Stop putting red dots on shotguns
- Include some staple meta guns in the ground loot like MAC, AK, and Bullfrog

While many players agree with this take and would like an overhaul of the ground loot in the game, some showed their disapproval as well. “I love that the ground loot is weak. It makes the more powerful guns that much more special,” wrote a Reddit user Nobody3387.

Despite the community outcry over the ground loot in Warzone, Raven Software is yet to implement any major changes for the same, leaving the fans and players hoping for a change in the upcoming Season 6.

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