Warzone Players Slam Major Perk Changes

Shortly after the Season 2 Reloaded update, Warzone developer Raven Software made further changes to the battle royale. In addition to the launch of the Rebirth Reinforced event, the developer made a number of tweaks to several Perks available to equip as part of a loadout.

Perks provide a range of benefits ranging from an increase in Tactical Sprint length to some additional resistance to explosives that land close by. It appears the changes have impacted the Ghost Perk which hides your locations from any enemy UAVs.

While some players approve of the tweaks, others are unhappy with the update that "panders to sweaty players."

Warzone Perk Changes Season 2 Reloaded
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Warzone Pacific Perk Changes

On March 28, Raven Software confirmed a huge dose of balancing for some of the most popular Perks in the game including EOD and Ghost. Warzone streamer and Call of Duty League commentator Joe 'MerK' DeLuca approved the changes but there were plenty of unhappy customers.

In addition to claims of the developer catering towards more competitive players, Twitter user 'uofkrulez24' wants Raven Software to revert the Ghost nerf so it hides player position when they're stationary.

Will Raven Software Revert Perk Changes?

With plenty of players expressing their frustration surrounding the Perk changes, there is a possibility of Raven Software making adjustments to strike a balance for casual and competitive players. Perhaps the easiest solution is to create a dedicated ranked playlist with a set of rules optimised for high-skilled players rather than overhauling core features.

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