Call of Duty Warzone Pistol Tier List: All Handguns Ranked From Best To Worst

When it comes to building the best Warzone loadout, weapons such as assault rifles and SMGs quickly come to the forefront but one range of weaponry that's often overlooked is the Pistol category. Despite their compact size, Warzone's range of handguns can excel in close-range combat, sometimes outgunning the more popular weapons in the arsenal.

With limitless customisation options thanks to the Gunsmith and various pistols featuring a variety of different characteristics, there's a handgun to suit all styles of play. Having tested each of the pistols on offer, we've created the definitive Warzone pistol tier list comparing the very best and worst the category has to offer.

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Warzone Pistol Tier List

As the title suggests, we take a deep dive into the range of pistols available to use in Warzone rather than taking a look at the entire arsenal. You can find our full weapon tier list here. With that said, let's take a look at Warzone's handguns!


  • Sykov
  • Renetti
  • Diamatti
  • 1911 (Vanguard)

This selection of pistols stands out from the crowd by some margin, particularly the Sykov which can be transformed into a fully automatic menace armed with 80-round magazines which will allow you to shred through any opposition with ease. The Renetti and Diamatti are also strong options if you're looking for something with a bit more precision.

Sykov Akimbo Warzone Pistol Tier List
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  • AMP63
  • Top Break
  • 1911 (Black Ops Cold War)
  • 1911 (Modern Warfare)
  • M19
  • Ratt

If the sound of fully-automatic Sykovs doesn't take your fancy, the pistols housed in A-Tier are viable additions to any loadout. Although they're technically the same weapon, the 1911 from Black Ops Cold War and Modern Warfare come with different attachments which can determine which is the better choice in certain situations.


  • X16
  • Marshal
  • .50 GS

Perhaps the most unique tier of our list, B features a range of pistols that have found the middle ground, failing to excel in any area but are still strong across the board. The Marshal is particularly fun to use when up close and personal with the opposition and with the right attachments equipped, the one-shot kill potential is surprisingly high. In terms of versatility, these aren't the best pistols to use as part of a loadout.

50 GS Warzone Pistol Tier List
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  • Magnum
  • .357
  • Klauser
  • Machine Pistol

These pistols struggle to compete in any kind of scenario despite possessing plenty of firepower. Requiring plenty of precision to deal any kind of damage onto a target, there are far superior options to fall back on.

That's our definitive Warzone pistol tier list! For more Warzone guides, check out our tier lists for LMGs and sniper rifles.

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