How To Stop Warzone Pacific From Crashing

Season 1 of Warzone Pacific has finally gone live, much to the excitement of Call of Duty fans. Players will get the opportunity to jump into the new Caldera map for the first time along with the chance to use new guns that have been added to the arsenal. The revamped Battle Pass is also up for grabs, including a wide range of rewards.

As soon as the update went live, players encountered multiple bugs while playing—one of the major issues included constant crashing of the game without any given reason. With that being said, here's how to stop Warzone Pacific from crashing.

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How To Fix Warzone Pacific Crashing

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The new era of the battle royale hasn't started as smoothly as many people would have hoped, with many players encountering several bugs and glitches, much to their annoyance. The crashing problem appears to be happening regardless of platform, which is far from ideal

The problem is so bad that some cannot start the game, while others are encountering freezing on a regular basis. Thankfully, we've discovered a few ways that could stop the battle royale from crashing as much.

Reinstall Warzone Pacific

The first way is to uninstall the game and install a fresh copy completely. Players can also clean up their system before downloading Warzone again. This might be the easiest yet the most reliable way to fix this problem.

Update GPU Drivers

The cause of this problem may involve outdated GPU drivers, so it's essential to check for an update depending on the graphics card you own. Click the links below to see if your drivers are up to date:

Scan and Repair

If you're using to play on a PC, ensure that your game is set up correctly and there are no corrupted files. Below are the steps to do the following:

  • Open Warzone page on
  • Click on the cog options icon
  • Select the "Scan and Repair" option
  • Once this is done, restart your PC

That was everything on how to fix Warzone Pacific from crashing. The developers are expected to release a patch fix for this issue. Until then, check out the Best Warzone Loadouts to use in Caldera.

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