Warzone Pacific Trailer Teases Nazi Storyline

The Warzone community is excited to jump into the brand-new Caldera map for the first time as the release of Season 1 for Warzone Pacific approaches. Plenty of gameplay changes have already been confirmed, with Activision regularly disclosing additional details on the map's points of interest (POI) through its postcards.

While a lot of the details have already emerged, a new cinematic trailer released by Activision on December 4th shows the new Operators and guns in action. On top of that, the trailer also teases a new storyline involving Taskforce Trident and the Nazis.

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Warzone Pacific Nazi Story

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The tale of Taskforce Trident is told in the trailer as they fly over the small Pacific island. Captain Baker and his colleagues set out to see if the Nazi tales about the island were accurate. While Baker diverts the damaged plane to safety, the task force leaps from the plane to complete the assignment.

“The Nazis thought they could keep all their secrets buried… The world would never be ready for what I found,” Webb says in the video, as he steps on the entrance to a Nazi tunnel on the beach of the island.

Will Warzone Pacific Have Hitler in the Storyline?

Activision and Raven Software have yet to reveal any details surrounding the Nazi involvement in the story but considering that the map is set in 1944, there's a chance that Hitler could be mentioned somewhere in the story.

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