Warzone Players Respawn Out of Map After Winning Gulag

Over the course of a typical Warzone match, winning the Gulag gives you another shot at making it to the final circle. During the Operation Monarch event, Gulag winners can land at High Value Loot Zones to earn any loot lost.

The redeployment position rarely plays a role when reappearing into the action but in the early stages of Season 3, many are experiencing a bizarre issue when falling through the sky.

Rather than falling above Caldera, players are spawning over the ocean and outside of the map boundary, making it impossible for them to reach dry land.

Warzone Out of Map Spawn Glitch

In recent seasons, players have redeployed within the gas which damages their health but on this occasion, there's no chance of beating the countdown clock or making it back inside the map boundary. A clip from Reddit user "finnyy04" demonstrates the game-breaking nature of this particular issue.

Despite winning the 1v1 duel, the player ends up in a position where they're unable to land on the island to continue their quest for victory much to their annoyance.

The recent overhaul to the Gulag hasn't gone down well. Players have shared their frustrations on the dark areas and short sightlines causing the new arena to cater towards campers.

Unfortunately, there's no workaround for spawning over the ocean meaning players often die through no fault of their own. In recent weeks, Raven Software is managing to address various issues in a short period of time and with players unable to make the most of their second chance, they're hoping the developer can fix this particular problem as fast as possible.

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