Warzone Players Share Frustration With Sabotage Contracts

Throughout the history of Warzone, the Cargo Trucks have proven to be an extremely powerful piece of equipment to utilise during a match. With plenty of health and mobility, most solo matches often ended with several trucks roaming around the final circle.

With Season 3 in full swing, the introduction of the Sabotage contract is seeing a resurgence in popularity much to the annoyance of those dropping into solo matches on Caldera.

Despite Raven Software applying a reduction in Cargo Truck spawn rate, the appearance of a new vehicle-focused contract is frustrating those that manage to make it into the latter stages of a solo battle.

Warzone Players Unhappy With Sabotage Contract

The contract highlights a random vehicle for players to destroy in order to earn a sizable reward for their troubles. One of the rewards includes an armoured truck, a variation on the Cargo Truck featuring additional armour and a mounted machine gun.

With solo players battling it out against everyone, the trucks are extremely tricky to destroy. To highlight the issue, Reddit user 'Loserkid83' shares their thoughts.

The player claims the addition of the trucks "makes you almost invincible," which is hugely advantageous in solo Warzone matches." Many agreed with the statement, saying the trucks are "way too OP where every final few circles are out in the open."

With the majority wanting Raven Software to intervene and remove the armoured trucks from solo matches, players are already suggesting potential replacements. "Replace them with helicopters or any reward," says another frustrated player.

It's unclear if the Warzone developer will listen to the player feedback but replacing the armoured trucks with a helicopter that's easier to destroy would make a lot of sense if it wants to maintain some kind of balance.

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