Raven Software Hints At Slide Cancelling Changes

Since the launch of 2019's Modern Warfare, the slide cancelling mechanic has dominated multiplayer and Warzone for a number of years. By cancelling the slide, players can refresh their tactical sprint allowing them to navigate Caldera and Rebirth Island as fast as possible.

As players explore recent map changes and begin to master the new guns and weapons on offer, the slide cancelling debate has moved into the conversation once again.

With plenty of opinions on the mechanic, Warzone developer Raven Software is looking into changes to slide cancelling in order to maintain some kind of balance.

Warzone Slide Cancelling Changes

On May 2, Raven Software's senior creative director Ted Timmins shared their thoughts on slide cancelling, revealing that they want to find a "fix" for the mechanic. Timmins claims they're "looking for a good excuse" to fix the "exploitable accessibility ceiling" for almost a year.

As expected, opinions on its removal divided the opinions of players. While the mechanic does add a skill gap separating the very best from the average, it doesn't create a level playing field for all. The process of cancelling a slide often causes excessive wear on controllers which leads to some expensive replacements.

If slide cancelling does disappear, some players are already suggesting the potential of adding another mechanic to replace it and maintain the skill gap.

With Raven Software looking into the potential removal of slide cancelling, players want it to remain in the battle royale while some want rid of it. Is the developer considering its removal ahead of Warzone 2? Either way, the developer's decision is sure to prove controversial amongst the ever-vocal community.

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