Warzone Sabotage Contract Explained

Contracts often provide players with significant bonuses over the course of a Warzone match. With a range of objectives to complete, they're an excellent way to earn some additional cash and high-tier loot on Caldera and Rebirth Island. In Season 3 of the battle royale, a brand-new Contract is arriving.

Known as Sabotage, the Contract adds a focus on the many vehicles used to navigate the map during matches. For those familiar with the Bounty Contract, Sabotage requires players to eliminate a specific target in order to earn the reward.

As with any new contract, many are wondering how it works and the potential rewards that are up for grabs. With that said, find everything there is to know about the Warzone Sabotage contract in this guide.

What Is A Warzone Sabotage Contract?

According to the Call of Duty blog, the Sabotage Contract increases "the risk-reward of travelling across Caldera on wheels or in the air." Once acquired, a solitary vehicle will act as the target. Players must eliminate the target within the time limit in order to earn a Cash bonus, a higher Contract Level, and the appearance of an Armoured Truck.

Armed with a turret and heavy armour, the fastest way to destroy it is with a launcher or with some well-placed C4. Once you destroy it, plenty of high-tier loot will fall from its wreckage.

Warzone Sabotage Contract Locations

Like all other Contracts available to complete in Warzone, the Sabotage objective appears all over Caldera. To find one, look on the Tac Map for its icon, and land nearby to begin the task. Even if you manage to complete the Contract, it's worth noting that triggering the Armoured Truck will attract plenty of attention from other players. Be sure to keep your wits for any players looking to hijack the loot.

Warzone Pacific Sabotage Contract
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Is The Warzone Sabotage Contract Worth Doing?

With plenty of potential rewards available for completing the Sabotage Contract, it's certainly worth completing. It's not the best to start at the beginning of a match but once you've managed to assemble a loadout to deal with the Armoured Truck, the reward outweighs the risk of being sent to the Gulag earlier than intended.

The addition of a Contract that focuses on the vehicles is a great addition to Warzone, especially when the latter stages of matches are often packed full of Cargo Trucks and SUVs as players attempt to make it towards the final circle.

That's all there is to know about the Warzone Sabotage Contract arriving in Season 3. For more intel, check out our dedicated page packed with the latest news, leaks, and loadout guides for Call of Duty's battle royale.

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