Warzone Optic Glitch Is Ruining Sniper Rifles

Since switching to the Pacific island of Caldera, Warzone players often encounter a range of game-breaking bugs and glitches that negatively impact their matches.

Ranging from mysterious wind that blows players off-course when parachuting into the action to bugs that cause weapons to disappear completely, new problems continue to appear despite the best efforts of Raven Software.

As attention begins to turn towards the launch of Season 3, an optic glitch is drastically impacting the accuracy of players. This particular issue is causing reticles of certain scopes to disappear over the course of a match.

Warzone Optic Glitch
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Warzone Optic Glitch

With Raven Software planning on a sniper rifle nerf in the coming weeks, players continue to make the most of the Kar98k to make an impact. During a match, Reddit user 'ZagureppinSG' picked up the gun from a supply crate and as they scoped in, no reticle was visible.

Several players shared their experiences without a reticle. "It is just a bug," says one commenter. "I missed so many shots because of it." With many encountering the problem, some suggest players should mark their monitors or use a digital reticle so some kind of target appears.

Will Warzone Reticles Get Fixed?

Considering the huge impact disappearing reticles has on several Warzone weapons, there's a high chance Raven Software is working on a fix to address the issue. With the developer already planning on nerfs to snipers, perhaps this is an unintentional way to limit their performance for the time being.

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