Strange Warzone Wind Bug Blows Players Out of Bounds

The sun always seems to shine in the Warzone universe. Whether it's on the Pacific island of Caldera or the reworked Rebirth Island map, the weather rarely impacts those dropping into a match during Season 2 Reloaded.

Despite the best efforts of Raven Software, bugs and glitches are beginning to appear once again. Issues impacting Modern Warfare Operators and Buy Stations have appeared, much to the annoyance of players.

The latest bug to appear adds wind to the game and is preventing players from landing on the island, leaving them unable to start the game.

Warzone Pacific Wind Bug
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Warzone Wind Bug

In a post titled "The wind they added to Rebirth is wild," Reddit user 'braggster92' shared their attempt to land on the ground. During his descent, the player glides from the island thanks to the mysterious "wind" before landing into the water.

The bug attracted plenty of attention from other players, with one noticing how "the lag stopped only when you're guaranteed dead." Throughout the Pacific era of Warzone, specific Operators have allowed players to fall through the sky at a faster speed than others but Raven Software has managed to fix this particular problem.

Does Warzone Have Wind?

Other than the bright sunlight, Warzone has no other elements of weather. As the current cycle nears its end, there's a possibility nighttime versions of Caldera and Rebirth Island arriving to the battle royale. For now, choose your landing spots wisely.

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