Raven Software Hints At Warzone Prestige System Overhaul

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The overhaul to the Prestige system following the release of 2019's Modern Warfare was met with a mixed reception from the community.

Warzone followed suit, with players having their levels reset at the start of a new season rather than working their way to the highest rank and resetting it to do it all over again.

With Season 2 Reloaded in full swing, the chances of the classic Prestige structure returning remain slim and while players master the Armaguerra 43, Raven Software has shared some interesting intel on the chances of Prestige receiving an overhaul.

Warzone Prestige System
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Warzone Prestige Overhaul

During a Q&A session with FaZe Clan member 'Swagg' and two Raven Software developers, the Warzone star claims the current system is "pointless" and that there's "no reason to want to level up."

In response, creative lead Josh Bridge says "the value of levelling kind of loses meaning," as the focus of players turns towards other seasonal features such as in-game challenges. Thankfully, Bridge confirms that "a revision" to Warzone's Prestige system is in the works. Does the revision point towards the return of a system resembling that from older Call of Duty games?

When Will Warzone Prestige Change?

It's unclear as to when Warzone's Prestige system will change, especially with Warzone 2 in development. There's a chance Raven Software could apply it during the latter stages of the Vanguard cycle to test it for the all-new experience but a complete overhaul is likely to arrive once the next chapter of the battle royale begins.

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