Warzone Players Claim Operation Flashback Is "Best" LTM

senSeason 6 of Warzone is winding down in spectacular fashion as players gear up for their final drops into Verdansk before the battle royale moves to the Pacific island of Caldera at the beginning of Season 1 for Warzone Pacific.

Before Verdansk disappears entirely, many are jumping into the action of Operation Flashback, the latest limited-time mode (LTM) to arrive in the battle royale, and judging by early feedback, players have already given the mode its seal of approval which features elements from events and LTMs that have featured in 10 seasons of Verdansk.

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Operation Flashback Best Warzone LTM
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For those that have dropped into Warzone since it launched, many of the events will seem extremely familiar. With plenty of loot from Modern Warfare on the ground along with the Nakatomi Plaza locking its doors to the vault once again, Operation Flashback mashes various events into one trip down memory lane. With plenty of action going on, Reddit user 'DeltaXray' has gone as far as claiming that it's the "best mode" in Warzone.

It's not just the casual player base enjoying the mode. FaZe Clan member Swagg has also praised Operation Flashback for bringing back "a lot of nostalgia," but the Warzone star has said that Raven Software could've bought back the original version of Verdansk to go one step further.

How To Play Operation Flashback

Operation Flashback functions like any other LTM in Warzone. Simply select it from the main menu and drop into the chaos! The mode is only available to play until November 30th when The Last Hours of Verdansk event is expected to begin. Once Season 1 is underway, Vanguard's weapon arsenal will be integrated alongside RICOCHET, an all-new anti-cheat looking to combat cheaters once and for all.

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