Call of Duty RICOCHET Release Date, How it Works, Leaks & Everything We Know

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The excitement surrounding the launch of Call of Duty: Vanguard is slowly beginning to build, with Activision, Treyarch, and Sledgehammer Games starting to unveil even more details on the campaign, multiplayer, and Zombies modes. Alongside information on what Vanguard will include, Activision has also unveiled RICOCHET, a brand-new anti-cheat arriving in the game and Warzone in a bid to combat the ongoing issue of cheaters ruining the game.

The new anti-cheat has been the talk of the community, with one of its new features reportedly introducing trusted matchmaking to multiplayer and the battle royale. Here's everything you need to know about the new system.

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Trusted Matchmaking in Vanguard & Warzone

Vanguard Trusted Matchmaking RICOCHET Anti-cheat
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During a private Q&A session that took place between the team behind RICOCHET and a small number of content creators, one question was asked as to how the new anti-cheat will impact matchmaking. The team responded by revealing that the new data that RICOCHET will collect should allow "trusted" and "untrusted" pools of players to be created, meaning any potential cheaters will be placed with other cheating suspects while legitimate players will face off against each other.

Activision also confirmed that players placed into the trusted pool will continue to be monitored and can be moved into the untrusted pool if RICOCHET spots any suspicious activity taking place during a match. While it's impossible to prevent all cheaters from ruining Vanguard and Warzone, Activision's new anti-cheat is going to do its best to ensure a cheat-free experience is had across both titles.

When Does RICOCHET Anti-cheat Release?

The dates for RICOCHET's rollout differ slightly between Vanguard and Warzone so it can be tricky to find out when the new anti-cheat is released. Here are all the important dates you need to know:

  • November 5th: Server-side updates in Vanguard
  • December 2nd: Server-side updates in Warzone
  • December 2nd: PC Kernel-level driver in Warzone
  • Coming Soon: PC Kernel-level driver in Vanguard

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